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When was the last time you gathered around a fire with your friends? Bonfires are very closely associated with the summer, where you can have a nice evening with your friends catching up and enjoying the warm weather here in Columbia, SC. In this week’s Peachtree Place Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions for you so you can make the most of spending time around the fire on a warm summer’s evening!


Though you may not necessarily need food around a bonfire, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have some! There are plenty of options for you to choose from, but we suggest simpler foods like hot dogs, and kebabs that you can cook over the fire. If you’ve already eaten and want to indulge in some delicious fireside treats, you can opt for marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for s’mores or roast Starburst candies! 


Don’t let yourself get dehydrated around the fire — bring some drinks! Water is always a good option, but you can bring some soda or juice. Instead of bringing 2 liter bottles and cups, opt for cans and bottles that you can recycle to avoid cups flying around and potentially getting lost. Because there’s fire involved, be very cautious about bringing adult beverages to enjoy. 


There are plenty of things to do around the fire, especially if you’ve brought food. We recommend bringing some entertainment too! Musical instruments or a bluetooth speaker are good choices to pump up the mood and enjoy some fun entertainment you’ll be able to dance or sing along to. Though it can be tempting, we recommend avoiding any activities that involve physical contact.

Clean Up

Be courteous to other people and make sure you clean up after yourself! Bring trash bags and make sure you’re not leaving anything behind. Also consider bringing additional trash bags to separate the garbage from the recyclable! 


It’s time to get out of your apartment to enjoy the beautiful weather. We hope you enjoyed this blog!