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Holiday Gift Tips

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The holidays are here and there will be gifts to give. Instead of waiting until the end of the month, get a jump on your gift giving. In this week’s Peachtree Place Blog, we’ve got a few gift ideas for you in order to make your holiday life a little easier! 

First, Communicate

It’s always a good idea to be generous at least in giving someone close to you at least some sort of gift, but if you’re not sure if you’ll be exchanging gifts this season and you don’t want to pressure them into giving you one back, communicate your thoughts with them! Let them know you’re considering getting them something and, to make it easier on you both, give yourselves a budget to stay within so neither of you feels stressed about spending more than necessary. 

Communicating also means asking what your gift recipient actually wants and letting them know what you want. Invite them to create a list prior to the day itself so you can get an idea of the range of ideas on what to get them. If you really want to get a certain gift, communicate with the other people involved to avoid repeat gifts.

Start Now

The best way to get ahead of the crowds is to start as soon as possible (and to avoid shopping on the busy weekends). Things are always busy this time of year, but they can get especially busy — and extra stressful — the closer it gets to your deadline. So start buying in chunks, some here and there, to take a load off when it gets closer to crunch time. The earlier you get into the department stores and other boutiques, the higher the likelihood you’ll be able to get what you’re looking for. 

Keep It Simple

It’s easy to overdo your gift, so if you’re stuck when it comes to finding the gift you want, go back to the drawing board. We have an easy-to-remember rhyme scheme to help you do so: Give something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. Keep in mind that some people also dislike receiving expensive gifts, so the simpler it is, the better it’ll be!

Share with our Columbia, SC apartment community some of your gift tips so we can give them a try this December.


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