How to Throw the Perfect New Year's Eve Party

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December 31st is just around the corner! With 2019 arriving soon, it’s time to start prepping for your New Year’s Eve party in your apartment at Peachtree Place. Throwing a regular party, let alone one as grand as New Year’s Eve, is no joke. How do you ensure that everything is perfect and goes smoothly? If you follow these tips, you’ll ring in the new year with the best party in all of Columbia, SC.

Provide snacks, snacks, and more snacks.

At any party, the food you bring is going to be essential. However, it’s even more critical for a New Year’s Eve party. Undoubtedly, your guests are going to be there for an extended period of time, so don’t skimp on the food or drinks. What should you prepare? Easy finger foods are always a safe bet. If you want something a little more filling, try out one of these slider recipes that are sure to have your guests asking for more. Also, don’t forget the drinks! Try to have a wide variety to accommodate the desires of each of your guests.

Don’t forget to decorate.

How could you ring in the new year without sparklers, silly hats, and celebratory little horns? You don’t have to spend a ton in order to entertain your guests, but they’ll definitely appreciate a little effort. If you don’t want to go out and buy things, there are also plenty of DIY decorations you can make. Make your own confetti, sparkly cups, and even fancy chandeliers. Maybe with the money you save, you could offer a small party favor for your attendees.

Keep the entertainment going.

This one again has to do with the amount of time people will spend at your party. More often than not, it will be quite a bit, so you have to make sure that you have enough entertainment to last for a few hours. Try music and dancing, board games, or maybe get-to-know-you games that will get your guests to mingle. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have enough to last the duration of the party.

New Year’s Eve is going to be a blast! If you follow these tips, your party will be the talk of the town until next year when you one-up yourself. What kind of things do you like to do at parties? Comment below to let your friends at Peachtree Place know! Thanks for reading our blog this month.