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Swimming Pool Tips

Partial pool shown with a close up on a ladder, with a red-and-white buoy hanging nearby.

Cool off this summer by jumping into our pool! Swimming is a great way to keep cool and get some exercise during the summer, so we are sharing a few tips to make the most of a day at the pool in this week’s Peachtree Place Blog. We hope you enjoy these tips and utilize them this summer! 

Dress Appropriately

When you’re at the pool, dress like you’re going to swim. Stay away from being in jeans, slacks, or dresses. You don’t want to be thrown into the pool wearing your nice clothing, so wear a swimsuit. Keep all electronics and precious items off to the side or away from the pool to avoid getting ruined in case they — or you — fall into the pool. Be sure to apply sunscreen to avoid g sunburn, and be generous to those who forgot to bring some. 

Safety First

The first thing to consider is safety. Instruct your children, or any groups you may be supervising, on the proper safety procedures for pools. Teach them to not run around the pool to avoid slipping, stay away from drains and suction filters, and to not be overly physical when playing in the water. Be sure to listen to lifeguards, but if there aren’t any around, keep on the lookout for any accidents that may occur around the pool. 

Take Breaks

Whether it’s a bathroom break or a water break, taking a moment to get out of the pool and relax helps prevent accidents and encourages people to stay calm and to let out the jitters in healthy ways. Taking breaks also helps you avoid any injuries and cramping, so make sure you’re taking adequate breaks during your time at the pool. 


Do you have any swimming tips? Share them with our Columbia, SC apartment community by leaving a comment!