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The Best Foods for Your Homemade Valentine's Day

heart-shaped pancakes on a plate surrounded by berries

February has finally arrived here in Columbia, SC. As the year chugs along, it can be easy to forget one of the most important days of the year: Valentine’s Day! We have the perfect dishes to move through your day with a cute breakfast, a thoughtful lunch, and a romantic dinner. Best of all, each of these dishes is super simple to prepare in your Peachtree Place apartment. If you needed a little help on this love-filled day, we have you covered.

Strawberry Sprinkle Funfetti Pancakes from My Loved Recipes

Funfetti is perfect for a dish any time of the year, but it adds a great pop of color and fun to a typical morning pancake on Valentine’s Day. Add in some sliced strawberries and their natural heart shapes will have you feeling the love!

Heart Quesadillas from Smart School House

For a quick snack or lunchtime meal, grab some heart-shaped cookie cutters and make heart-shaped quesadillas! Sure they’re simple, but it will be a cute little treat for you and your significant other. They don’t take much time or effort — in fact, the only difference from a regular quesadilla you might make is to cut the tortilla into the shape of a heart. Sounds like a simple, easy way to bring the cheer of the holiday to the table.

Braciole from The Kittchen

For the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner set aside some time to try this steak. All the pounding, rolling, tying, and cooking will make you feel like a real chef in the kitchen, and the juicy results will make for a meal you and your dinner mates won’t forget. Pair this delicious meal with a side salad and a nice wine, and your night will be as romantic as it gets.

If you want a little extra flair with any of these dishes, decorate with a candle for a special, romantic touch. What are your favorite things to make on Valentine’s Day? Be sure to share with us in the comments below!