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Try Cycling for National Bike Month


In recognition of National Bike Month, this week’s Peachtree Place blog will cover some reasons to switch to a bike for your commute from your apartment to work, as biking has many benefits for not only you but the community of Columbia, SC. Fix up that old bike that’s been sitting around and take it out for a spin. Who knows, maybe you’ll even enjoy it.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

You don’t need to be an environmentalist to do your part in helping reduce the carbon footprint. Doing something as simple as biking can have a significant impact. Riding your bicycle reduces harmful emissions as well as the consumption of petroleum. With so many cars on the road, switching to biking lessens the overall impact and even makes navigating traffic easier for you, too!


Get Your Cardio In

Bicycling.com lists 8 Health Benefits of Cycling, with benefits such as improving your heart and losing fat. Since cycling is a form of cardiovascular activity, you could count it as your daily exercise if you were to make the switch to commuting to work via cycling. Riding your bike is not only good for the environment but is proven to be beneficial for your health and better for your knees than running.


Learn to Manage Your Time

A large part of making a switch to biking to work, or any other place, is to manage your time. Bicycles are slower than cars. It’s natural to take a little longer for you to get places when you cycle, so plan wisely and account for time and distance when you choose to go places. If you’re biking to work, give yourself enough time to arrive and cool down, or if possible, take a shower.


Do you bike to work? Let us know some benefits that you’ve experienced in biking for your commute or why it’s been a good switch for you in the comments below! Thanks for reading!